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“Mr. D is a great presenter! Wonderful information that I could actually use in class on Monday morning. Incredibly motivational for my at-risk students.


– 3rd grade teacher




                           “The best workshop I’ve ever attended!

                           Very enthusiastic presenter! I learned valuable

                           information to help me inspire and awaken young authors.”


                                                                            – 5th grade teacher


“Awesome! Very enjoyable! Great ideas! Fantastic demonstration! Loved the writer’s origami, too!”

– special ed teacher
“Magnificent presenter! Mr. D was excellent! I totally enjoyed hearing of ‘fun ways’ to improve not only the writing of my students, but also my own writing. This was absolutely my favorite workshop ever!”
– 8th grade teacher


Here are some comments from teachers and administrators who have participated in recent workshops:

"Mark Diamond is amazing! His suggestions for developing student writers are innovative and practical. The content was refreshing and we all left encouraged in our attempt to inspire and motivate our students to write."

Christi Denning –Title 1 Reading, Bradford Special School District, TN


"Love, love, love this writing method! This is my second time to this workshop. The second time has been as good (if not better) than the first. I think because I was familiar, I caught additional information and ideas that I didn’t get on the first time around. Thank you!"

Carolyn Keysaer, 7th grade ELA, Marshall County, TN


"This was by far the best writing conference I have ever been to. I love writing and felt this conference hit all the important components of teaching writing. I feel I have learned how to improve my own writing as well as that of my students. I highly recommend this class!"

Christe Prescott, 5th grade teacher, Clarksville-Montgomery County, TN


"This was one of the best training sessions I have ever been to. Mark takes the pain out of how to teach children to write like a published author. No more 'kid writing!'"

Amy Williams, academic coach, Clarksville-Montgomery County, TN


"Great day! I enjoyed everything about this day. I am excited about teaching writing to my kids, and want to spend more time writing myself."

Tammy Lovell, 3rd grade teacher, Franklin County, TN


"Very valuable writing information. I wish we had received this training before TCAP at the beginning of the year."

Trelane Lamb, Christe Prescott, 5th grade teacher, Clarksville-Montgomery County, TN



"I am so happily motivated, both as a teacher and a writer! Thank you for the ideas and encouragement!"

Rachel Dillard, 5th grade teacher, Clarksville-Montgomery County, TN


"I finally feel I have gotten something out of a workshop! Very useful techniques to take back to my 3rd grades."

Jennifer Ryan,  3rd grade teacher, Franklin County, TN


"The simplicity of the techniques I have seen today is what makes this so appealing."

Estelle Long, 7/8th grades, Marshall County, TN


“The “Wow,” Pow,” and “How” Lines blow every other writing procedure I’ve ever used OUT OF THE WATER! It is going to change the way we teach writing forever.”


“Your methods will be effective, appealing to the kids, and most important,  PAINLESS for both of us! Thank you!”

"I never imagined that transforming defiant student non-writers into enthusiastic authors could happen so quickly and painlessly.”

 “I appreciate you doing a great job for three of my teachers last spring. They came back on fire!”

I’ve attended many, many in-services on writing and writing conferences, and by far, this has been the best! Useful, specific, fun and inspiring! I want you to come in-service our whole staff! No way I can redeliver this!”

“I am a former math teacher, currently employed as my district’s curriculum director. I LEARNED TO WRITE TODAY! This was a very systematic and comprehensive approach to writing. Great job! Thanks.”

“Great ideas. Motivational. Refreshing. Makes you want to start again and have fun doing it.”

“This is the best writing workshop that I have ever attended! No joke! Mr. D was great and very knowledgeable. His techniques and tricks are really going to change the way I teach writing. I can’t wait to get started.”

“I have been teaching writing 'the same old way' and it wasn't working. I had no idea what to do. NOW I DO! Thank you!”

“I want to thank you for the wonderful workshop.  After all the years I have been teaching, this was something new and exciting.”

“This was the most useful workshop I've ever been to! I'm excited to use what I've learned starting Monday morning!”

“Mark’s method is a simple, yet effective method – which is what teachers need in their busy schedule. I took 8 pages of notes!  Mark’s presentation is fast-paced and concise – no wasted time or ‘fluff.’”

“Excellent in every way - probably the BEST and most informative workshop I've been to! Practical, sensible, ready-to-use advice, taught in a clear but not 'child-like' manner. I love all of the WOW/POW/HOW lines! What a way to plan - it makes it so easy! It even makes me want to write more. When teachers want to write, it's more likely they will inspire their kids because they've overcome their own fear. Also LOVE the Writer's Origami - it's so motivational. Mark is a hoot!”

“Immediate strategies and techniques for use in classroom are AWESOME!”

“This was a well-spent day for me, giving me just the tools and encouragement
I needed with my students!”

“I have concrete activities to use on Monday that will have immediate impact on my student’s writing. Mark – you are in touch with how students behave and what motivates them – so rare in workshops these days!”

“Easy to sit through (and I DON’T sit).”

“The simplification of what is often a complicated, frustrating process was great. It makes so much sense to do it this way – getting to the heart of what’s important.”

“It is so nice to attend a “worthwhile” workshop.”

“Writing should not be difficult and you made it easy!”

“I hope our system will ask you to visit us again. I truly LOVED this workshop!”

“I just wanted to share that we received our writing scores back and that my students scored better than any other school in our county. Thanks so much for your help!”

“I was at your writing workshop last week in Knoxville and am so excited by all that I learned!  I can’t wait to share all my newfound knowledge with my kids.  I am already seeing light bulbs all above their sweet little heads.  My kids who disliked writing are now calling it "their favorite class of the day!"  My school is interested in having you come and visit and do an in-service.”

“Be proud…today we tried the POW line in class.  I had those kids boxing with me!”
Jennifer Haynes
3rd grade teacher
Honey Creek Elem

“I’ve been looking for a way to make writing something fun and exciting. This was awesome! Wish it could have been longer :( ”